How we are working

How we are working

Our team of professional inspectors provides full coverage of the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. We quickly detect leaks of more than 400 types of gas, as well as CO2 and methane, warning against potential risks, financial problems, and reducing emissions in the world.spirit to preserve our nature and climate.

At Asman Energy, we are committed to hassle-free energy. Our technologies are based on OGI (SMART LDAR) principles, providing effective methods for detecting gas leaks, CO2 and methane emissions. We are confident that every step towards clean energy is a contribution to the future of our planet.

  • Telephone consultation and agreement on the cost of work;
  • Conclusion of an agreement for the provision of services;
  • Payment of an advance on the cost of the work carried out;
  • Registration for work;
  • Visiting the customer and carrying out all the work, agreeing on the results of the work performed;
  • Drawing up a technical report, payment for work done.

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